9 days to 10k

So it’s nine days (I think) until my first 10k. I started off training really well getting up to 7k but that was over a month ago. Life’s got in the way. Stress and anxiety has got in the way and I’ve retreated back to my old habits of not being able to leave the house. I’ve done the whole spiral. I feel pathetic, not worth anything, stupid, ridiculous and even contemplated pulling out of the run. Then I thought, for the first time I may add, where would that get me? If I pull out I’ll definitely feel like crap. If I try and do some training in the time I have left yeah it won’t be my best run ever but I’ve got more of a shot of finishing. Sometimes running isn’t about the marathons (have one next year but think I’ll get through the 10k first) it’s about having the belief in yourself that if you fall down you can pick yourself back up again. If I come last? So what? I’ll have finished the run and not quit. I’m not going to bollocks around and say I’m feeling great at the moment because I’m not. In fact I’m really struggling but I get so much support from the women at The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running that I know I can do this and I am not a failure. Julie who is the founder of The Fat Girl’s Guide To Running has entered a pitch to Richard Brandson’s Voom competition which would allow the group to grow so much and to reach so many other women like me. So please watch the pitch, pledge and share it as many times as you can at Too Fat To Run? It’s time there was a change in the running world, that overweight women feel accepted everywhere and inactive women aren’t afraid to take those first tentative steps. Believe me guys, Julie’s leading us there. So wish me luck for my 10k as I plod along proudly wearing my Too Fat To Run? race vest.

Keep on plodding

JJ x

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