A couple of blogs ago I talked about ‘rebooting’ after a couple of runs where I’ve had some time to think I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with my exercise plan of attack.

  • Two runs in the week (either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Parkrun when possible on Saturdays.
  • Long runs on Sunday.
  • Rest day on Friday.
  • The remaining days either cross training such as weights/zumba or stretching and yoga.

I have enough time to do at least three runs a week and cross training can easily be done at home. By not having to travel for classes or the gym I’m releaving myself  not only of that stress but also of the ability to make excuses to not do something. I’m also looking into longer routes for half marathon and marathon training so I have some organised instead of winging it.

I managed a run today, just under 7km and although I wasn’t as fast as I would’ve liked to have been I tried a few different terrains and included a couple of small hills that I would usually avoid. image

So overall I’m pretty happy with my plan. As I have a 10k race on Sunday I plan on another run around 7k on Wednesday and a shorter run on Friday with some yoga, stretching and core work on the remaining days. Hopefully I’ll notice the difference from the last 10k that I wasn’t prepared for. Feedback to come at the weekend!


JJ xx

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