Cardiff WR10k ☀️

On Sunday I embarked on my second foray into a 10k race. Well that’s a bit of a lie, I’d done a couple of 10k RFL runs before and barely made it round. I’d actually previously done one in Bute Park where this Womens Running 10k was taking place, the first in their 2016 10k series, and had to be taken to hospital after for dehydration. This was before I realised you actually have to be prepared before a 10k.

This time I got my hydration just right by having a hydration drink the night before and then little bits of water in the morning along with taking full advantage of the two water stations along the course. I had also made sure along with planning my kit out I’d planned a slow release breakfast of overnight oats with strawberriesimage

    Kit ready for the morning, dinner and breakfast 😊

I’d really been looking forward to this race as it was the first time I’d be meeting up with a few ladies from Too Fat to Run? Clubhouse and another lady from the main Facebook page as well. We took our pre race pictures and joined in with the warm up.

The 5k run set off and then the 10k runners gathered, first behind various pacers and then the larger crowd. It was a good mix of serious club runners through to speed walkers and it was quite nice to know they didn’t have a cut off time. The route was really enjoyable taking in the fields of Bute Park all the way up to Cardiff castle and then back down through a more shaded area passing the river. imageThe only (ever so slight) niggle I have about the route is that I personally don’t enjoy runs as much when you have to do two laps. I think it’s a more in my head thing because you know what’s coming and what to look out for near the next km marker. However, I do think in this case doing two laps couldn’t be avoided and the route was beautiful. The volunteers along the way were full of encouragement and the woman on the tannoy was very enthusiastic.

My goal for this run was to try and stay below 8:30mins/km. Unfortunately I didn’t quite manage that but I did manage to hit my other goal by coming in under 1:30. My chip time was actually 1:26:17 which had me running in circles a little bit as my last 10k was 1:32:34.

With the heat on Sunday I’m proud of all of our times as the four of us all managed under 1:30. It must be said that a lot of people did stick around the cheer the final person over the finishing line and I think that speaks volumes for the organisers of the race. Personally the only thing I was slightly less impressed with was when we went through to get our goody bags and tshirts the only size they had left was XL, now I have no problem getting an XL tshirt as they’re always good for training, however, I’m a size 12-14, sometimes 16 in fitness clothing and when I put on this XL tshirt it felt rather fitted so it did leave me with a slight disappointment. The goody bag on the other hand was really good, full of healthy snacks, vitamins, water pouch and a Women’s Running magazine. Overall, I’d say a good haul.

So, looking back:

  • Good weather ✔️
  • Beautiful route ✔️
  • Amazing volunteers ✔️
  • Decent goody bag, tshirt (if small) and bling ✔️
  • Quick release of chip times ✔️
  • 10k PB ✔️

But I’ve got to say my overall favourite thing about the day was meeting up with ladies from The Too Fat to Run? Clubhouse and having a fun morning out. When I first starting running in January I would never have dreamed I’d be doing a 10k five months later. After my first 10k a couple of weeks ago I was slightly disappointed in myself for lack of training but for this one I did a 5k and 7k on the lead up and felt a lot more physically and mentally prepared. My next goal is to get 1:20 or under by the end of the year and I know I can do it with all the half marathon training I’ll be doing!

‘So if you think you can’t do it, you can. If you think you’re too slow, you’re not.’

Peace out,

JJ xx




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