Stepping Up A Gear

The husband is currently watching Wales beat Russia at the football (2-0 half time, who knows what’ll happen) so I figured this was a good time to do a blog.

Firstly, some exciting news, I’ll be doing my LiRF course at the beginning of July which will be my first step in spreading my passion for running and encouraging others to begin. Over the next few weeks I’m doing a couple of runs with friends who are either just starting running or haven’t run much so I’m really looking forward to being able to encourage them on their own running journeys as well as, slightly selfishly, having some physical running buddies along with all my amazing virtual ones.

I guess my biggest thing this week is that I’ve got my first session with a personal trainer tomorrow. I’ve never had a personal trainer before apart from inductions at gyms. I’m really hoping this’ll be the kick up the bum I need at the moment as I feel recently I’ve become slightly complacent.

Due to all of this my mind’s kind of been wandering around to what my next challenge will be after the Paris marathon in April. An ultra marathon, an iron man, a triathlon? To be honest I want to do them all. To think that I’ve gone from signing up for a 5 weeks to 5k programme on a whim in January to even considering doing an Iton Man or Ultra Marathon is a bit crazy but I love it. I love telling people that I’m a runner and them asking when my next race is.

The last few days my epilepsy hasn’t been great so I haven’t been able to keep up with my training but instead of getting upset I’m trying to stay really positive. I know I’ll go into my next race as prepared as I can be because I’m doing my best and that’s all I can ask of myself.

In other news I’ve just discovered Chrissie Wellington and ordered her book. I’m slightly worried I may be getting Iron Man obsessed! I’m currently waiting for her book to arrive for some weekend reading so that’ll be another blog for another time!


For now, it’s back to pretending I’m slightly excited in 22 men chasing a ball around a field…

Peace out

JJ xx

p.s/ it’s now 3-0 to Wales, I’m never going to hear the end of this…



Back To Work, Back To Reality…

I’m not going to lie. I’m an amazing planner. I can plan the heck out of most things. The problem? My follow through. My half marathon training plan has been stuck on my fridge for two weeks now and I’ve done one morning of strength training plus a week of walking roughly 6k a day to get to and from work. So not exactly sticking to plan seeing as that doesn’t include any actual running!

When I first started running back in January (seems like a lifetime ago) I wasn’t really in work because of sickness and haven’t been back properly since so I had time to run in the daytime when no one else was really around. The pavements were mine and mine alone. However, last week I began a new job. It’s good hours (10-4) so it’s not even like I’d have to go out super early or super late to get a run in I’m just much more aware that I’ll be running where there’s other people and especially other runners. The pavements will no longer be my own. This does scare me and I think, subconsciously, it may have been why I haven’t been going for runs the last couple of weeks.

So what am I going to do about it? Well to be frank I’m going to get my big girl pants on and deal with it. The majority of runners don’t get the special treatment of empty pavements so why should I? Plus I’m not going to be letting down anyone else by not training, just myself and with three 10ks, four half marathons plus the Paris marathon all to train for I’m not in a position to let myself down. I’ve got my work life back on track, now time for my running life. I am holding myself completely accountable and refuse to take my own excuses any longer as I’m the only one who’s going to end up upset if I can’t manage to finish my first half.

Sorry if this is a bit ranty. It just needed to be. I needed to rant at myself. The last two weeks have been forgiven, bring on the next ten!


JJ x