Well it’s been a long time!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in such a long time! So much has happened. I’ll blog about each individual thing over the coming week but here’s a summary…

  • I did my first half marathon!
  • I got a place on VLM 2017!
  • We got a dog (she’s called Tilly, amazingly cute and has already done her first One Big Fat Run)
  • I’m doing some social media stuff for Too Fat to Run and look forward to getting more and more involved.
  • I’m taking part in a three month fitness bootcamp from the start of January.
  • I’m now a Run Champion and blogger for Run Wales.
  • I’m going on the TFTR? retreat in May!
  • Run Club is going well after restarting this January.

So yeah! Crazy times and that’s not even all of it! Just wanted to do a quick blog to say I’m still here and that I’ve just been working hard. The blog will return full force in 2017 while I hope to make more noise in the running world. Whoop!

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