It’s okay to be scared, or is it?

I admit. I’m scared. I’ve got some really scary stuff coming up and not just running related so yesterday and this morning I had a mini freak out and then a much needed “pull yourself together” chat with myself. So yeah, if anyone had been watching me the last few days they’d basically had seen me wandering around the house chatting and chanting to myself…

So why so scared? Well here’s a few of the things scaring me at the moment…


No matter how many I’ve done, no matter how much I love them, the thought of races still scare me, but that’s the point, it’s the thought of them, the whole, will I be last? Will the finish line still be there? What if people laugh at me? For some reason it still scares me and then on the day I’m fine! Sounds silly but hey we’ve all got our thing! I guess I’m worrying so much at the moment over two especially, 1 is a local 10k I’ve entered and I guess because it’s a smaller race I know it’ll mostly be club runners and the time limit will probably be less than in a larger race. The 2nd one I’m worrying about is the Cardiff half but there’s more about that below and the 3rd is next year’s London Marathon. Not going to lie, I am terrified but I know in my heart of hearts if I follow a plan I will finish!

The Cardiff Half

So the Cardiff Half doesn’t scare me in itself it’s more the fact that it’s the first race ever that I’ve got a team entered in that I’m helping train. My focus on the day will be that those ladies have the best race day experience possible and getting them all over the finish line. They’re all doing so well at the moment and I couldn’t be prouder of them. We’re raising money for the Newport and Cardiff branch of Sands and if you’d like to donate please use this link here.


That’s right! Along with everything else that’s going on at the moment I’ve decided that it’s an excellent time to go back to college! At the age of 28 I’m going back to do my beauty therapies qualification and before the student day I was absolutely terrified but now I’m really excited yet still very scared. Mostly because I know training could go one of two ways, 1) completely out the window and I never run again or 2) the routine of college really helps me and training falls into a decent pattern. Knowing that I’m a person of extremes I’m really hoping it’s number 2…

Coach training

In November along with another Run Wales blogger I’ll be starting my Coaching in Running Fitness qualification. Run Wales were supportive enough to fund half of the course and I crowdfunded the rest, because of this I really feel I need to do well on the course and it’s slightly more daunting than doing the Leadership course as it’s over several weekend and I’ve heard rumours of an exam?!

So that’s a few things that I’m scared of at the moment and when I first started writing this blog it was called ‘Scary times ahead’ but it got me thinking, am I scared or am I excited? What would happen if every time I wanted to say I was scared about something I said I was excited about it? For example: “I am excited about taking part in a local race, it’ll give me a chance to meet more people from local running clubs and groups” or “I’m so excited for each one of my ladies to come across the finish line at the Cardiff half”. I’ve realised that sometimes in life I spend so much time being scared that I don’t see or take the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

So from now on every time I want to say scared I’m going to say excited because it’s okay to be scared every now and again but it’s better to be excited!






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