April Is For Planning…

So most peoples years run from January to December right? Well mine seems to run from from April to April as my birthday is April the 5th and I like to plan things around my age (i’m not completely self centered i promise).

Well here’s the situation, next April i’m turning 30 and to be honest i’m a little terrified, i don’t feel like i’m old enough to be 30, that’s like an adult age! And I really don’t feel like an adult. So here’s what i’ve come up with, and bare with me because it might be a bit long winded…30 bannerSo 30 is 3 decades right? So throughout 2019 I want to set myself challenges around the number 3 or 30 while raising money for the amazing charity Epilepsy Action who’ve helped myself and my family so much over the years. So I’m asking for your help because let’s be honest this is going to take some planning! What I need right now is ideas! Here’s some i’ve got so far…

  • 3 mountains in one day
  • Walk 30 miles
  • Run 30km
  • 3 sports in one day
  • 3 half marathons/England, Scotland, Wales
  • Lose 30lbs (not sure about this one!)

So it’s going to be a busy year! I’m also going to need help with fundraising, organising, training and if you fancy joining me on one of my challenges it would be much appreciated! My main aim for the year is to raise as much money as physically possible for Epilepsy Action. The last few years have been quite turbulent with my Epilepsy and i’m so grateful for the people I have surrounding me including those from Epilepsy Action who’ve always been there for me and my family.

challengeSo for now i’ll leave it there, please reach out to me with your suggestions for challenges, especially if they’re ones you’d like to join me on! And if you feel like helping me out for 2018 please donate here to my Royal Parks Half Marathon fundraising for Epilepsy Action.

Stay tuned for updates!


JJ x

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