First of the Marathon blogs…

So yesterday I filled out the form to make my place for the 2018 London Marathon official. That’s right, this year I’m getting organised. I’ve got my preparation half marathons booked in, the Brighton half in February, the Bath half marathon in March and (haven’t booked it in yet) hopefully the Merthyr half marathon along the taff trail towards the end of March just before I begin tapering. Me and the London Marathon have some unfinished business. My place has actually been rolled over from last year. Last year I freaked myself out-

  • Would I be too slow?
  • Would I make it round?
  • What if I was last?

That last one was the worst one, I freaked myself out so much, nightmares of reaching the Mall and there being no one there – “sorry you’re too late”. I allowed this nightmare to scare me out of training runs, so much so that I became so behind on my training that I wouldn’t be able to complete the marathon. I’m aware this will probably be my only chance to do the London Marathon, so if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right.

My first fear, ‘would I be too slow?’ well, as long as I finish within 8 hours I won’t be too slow because I’ll still finish. A wonderful woman, an inspiration of mine and fellow member of the Too Fat to Run? Clubhouse finished within the final 10 minutes of the 8 hour cut off. She’s still a marathon runner! She’s still in the 1%. One of my fellow Run Wales bloggers finished in around the 2:45 mark, he is also amazing and I am in awe of his constant race wins but is one of these more of a marathon runner than the other? To me? No, they both crossed the start and finish lines, just in different times. I think it has taken knowing these two athletes for me to see that I can do this marathon and whatever time I get, I’ll still be a marathon runner and a London Marathon finisher.

Of course, this time round I’ll still get these thoughts, I’ll still get scared and worry but this year I won’t let take over my dreams. I won’t let anxiety win and I won’t let myself use epilepsy as an excuse.

I’ll still get that voice at the back of my head “How dare you think you can do this? You’re so fat and disgusting, you’re not a runner!” but you know what i AM a runner, no matter my size, I tie up my laces just the same as every other runner and I run, sometimes with walking breaks but I AM still a runner.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is if you want to do something, do it! Don’t let your brain tell you that you can’t do something when your heart’s telling you “yes you bloody can!”. So listen to your heart, listen to the encouraging people around you. Look out for those around you that you might be inspiring, maybe to not do a run but to just to start, to go for a walk, to take that first step, which, let’s be honest, is the hardest.

Stay tuned for more on my journey.


JJ xx

Reboot Time

I’ve just got back from the most amazing week in Rhodes on the Too Fat to Run? retreat. I experienced everything from my first pork chop to an earthquake! Plus some running in between!

IMG_0038 It’s definitely been a life changing experience but for one main reason, the amazing women I met there. I feel truly privileged to have been able to get to meet such interesting and intelligent women (with the same taste for beer as me) but in all seriousness we did do a lot of exercise including:

  • HIIT
  • Swimming
  • Water polo
  • Running
  • Zumba
  • Yoga

We also had sessions about nutrition and mind set. One goal I had for the retreat was to try every meal and I did! In fact I tried over 10 foods that had never previously touched my lips. I’m now of the thinking that I’ll be eating mindfully and consciously. I didn’t go to the retreat to lose weight and I’m not sure if I have but I’ve definitely lost inches. I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been and plan on making healthy changes to my eating habits rather than trying another diet. So this blog may involve a little more food talk but it won’t be diet talk.

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Right, I’m off for more kip because I’m absolutely knackered! These posts will become more frequent now as I run more and experience even more foods.


JJ xx